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Joshua Abrams gloss I said in our very first adventure together, "where there is no imagination there is no horror," and it is precisely the theatre that allows for that collision of time and space...
Kyle Gillette theatre
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When we see a train in the distance, headed straight for us at full speed, we realize that the central vanishing point is not painted but real.
Yvette Hutchison gloss My immediate response is through radio. Then I could hear the text and make meaning in my own mind; give body, color, setting, meaning to the images that drift toward me.
Jen Harvie gloss From the start, she asks: What would it mean for theatre to produce a living wage?
Jen Harvie theatre
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All artists and/or workers involved are paid a living wage for all phases of pre-production and production.
Emily Johnson gloss We need this: time together and also time together, alone. It's so basic it makes my head spin
Emily Johnson theatre
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I welcome you. Go for a walk in the field. In the woods. Meadow. Desert. Street. Bring a roasted chicken dinner. Share it. All night there are sighs amongst us, a caress.
Sara Matchett gloss At the heart of this work is an exploration of what it means to synergise ‘mainstream’ and ‘community’ theatre in rural South African contexts; it is a theatre that seeks to blur these historical, geographic, and theoretical divides.
Mwenya B. Kabwe theatre
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A host of speculative playlets, skirting genres from fantasy to sci-fi, utopia to dystopia, alternative history to the end of history.
VK Preston gloss Here an imagined theatre extends a circle of support and confidence, lifting a norm of silence. It challenges a siloing of the law to act and the theatre as a hollowing.
Petra Kuppers theatre
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we wheel into the courthouse and I swat away sensation and the pressure the pressure the blood comes to the surface again. "this is a classic PTSD episode," she says.
Nick Salvato gloss In rock performance, there is motility. There is theatre. Whether there is agency or action is a question for the ages and their ghosts.
Nick Salvato theatre
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Gradually, the audience realizes that the rocks are this canyon's performers. It is the slowest performance to which this audience has ever borne witness.
Andrew Sofer gloss Language is a kind of (public) theater.
Andrew Sofer theatre
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A thought experiment on the theatre's means of communication and feeling. One of two arguments from the book.
John H. Muse gloss The gun's power—like theatre's—is virtual in the oldest sense of that word, meaning full of power or potency, capable of producing a result in the future, and by extension, operating in effect rather than in reality.
Jonathan Ball theatre
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There is a gun in the first act.
Thomas F. DeFrantz gloss When is Blackness ever unmarked? Black presence inevitably seems to mean in and of itself, as a thing that can be mobilized by others.
Thomas F. DeFrantz theatre
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They gasp, grasping for air. Resisting arrest. They collapse. 
Una Chaudhuri gloss The ocean is speaking to us loud and clear, with superstorms and tsunamis and bleached coral reefs, apparently responding to the "messages" we've been sending, in the form of oil spills, toxic dumping, overfishing, and islands of plastic waste.
Una Chaudhuri theatre
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Letters from the ocean, messages without bottles, directed to you.
Anton Krueger theatre
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You’re on a long slow road in the Karoo. It’s hot and dry and all of your previous girlfriends are hitchhiking out of Cradock.
Harvey Young gloss In Character imagines a scenario in which anyone can gain access to the experience of being seen and treated as black.
Harvey Young theatre
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Today, we're going on an adventure. We'll explore foreign countries, sail across rough waters, meet a few interesting characters, and, perhaps, experience the fullness of life.
Megan Lewis gloss The stage/performance space is black. It is black.
Thando Doni gloss It is hard to dream in my country now; the dry air makes it hard to do so. We are all swimming in the desert.
Judyie Al-Bilali theatre
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We are complex, diverse, and for us identity is a verb. Every show starts with The Circle.
Faniswa Yisa gloss To be alive as a black woman in theatre. We can no longer waste our energies trying to be heard.
Mamela Nyamza theatre
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From Xhosa to English not the other way round. No longer sheep following blindly. No longer the black sheep in the family.
Mandla Mbothwe gloss These are the stories from my grandmother and mother, these are my poems, metaphors and idioms...
Mandla Mbothwe theatre
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Imagine a theatre of dream interpretation. A manifesto for a theatre of healing stolen cultural memory.
Megan Lewis gloss A father laments the consequences of his creations, which do more harm than good.
Bryan Schmidt gloss What would it mean to imagine a festival dramaturgically? Can the polyvocal qualities of a festive “vibe” be effectively reproduced on the page?
Iain “Ewok” Robinson gloss An impossible tribute to Neil Aggett, white South African union organizer who died in detention after being arrested by the South African Security Police.
Malcolm Purkey theatre
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A multimedia project, with puppets, projections, singers and performers, examining the myth of Daedalus, Icarus, and the Minotaur.
Dylan McGarry gloss It is in Joe's dying that we are witness to a larger, more universal, exclusion of the elderly, senile and dying, not from theatre per say, but from society at large.
Neil Coppen theatre
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A car guard for the theatre, never able to see a performance, comes inside to witness his life performed.
Gibson Alessandro Cima gloss My imagined performance is the story of what happens when these hopes do not come to fruition, triggering a paradoxical nostalgia for an idea of the future that existed in the past.
Gibson Alessandro Cima theatre
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It’s a performance about parents and children, about generations and time, about a beautiful, troubled nation, about race, about a father imagining a reconciled future for his son...
Mwenya B. Kabwe gloss As a place to encounter the unimaginable and the unknown, the speculation is fundamental to theatre making.
Bryan Schmidt theatre
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Three scenes from the National Arts Festival, blending the real with the imaginary, the fantastical.
Mike Van Graan theatre
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The primary aim of this theatre is to allow audiences to confront, engage with, and overcome their ignorance and fears about “others.”
Jennifer Devere Brody gloss A party, a room, a fire, low cushions. Irresolute, iterative, and unresolvable.
Carl Hancock Rux theatre
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Unlikely guests discuss writing, history, and education at a space-out-of-time dinner party.
Brian Eugenio Herrera gloss What might be revealed about casting's force as concatenated act of performance, of interpretation, and of power?
Daniel Sack gloss Acting requires us to forget our part in order to implement the "instrument of discovery."
Daniel Sack theatre
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They must fully learn the role, but then are given an appropriate span of time to forget it sufficiently.
Broderick D. V. Chow gloss This impossible piece makes us question what it is we desire and value from the actor in the theatre.
Minou Arjomand theatre
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Floor, a small box, a giant hand. Maru looks at the audience through the box, crawls into the box.

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