Iain “Ewok” Robinson

Spoken word artist, rapper, activist, and educator Iain “Ewok” Robinson uses hip-hop practice to galvanize communities around social justice issues. An aerosoloist and graffiti artist, he has painted banners and canvasses for environmental and social justice groups such as the Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self Determination and Liberation, COP17 for climate justice, and he paints for Palestine every year. He is a Dennis Brutus Community Scholar at the Centre for Civil Society at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and teaches at Clifton College, an independent boys school in Durban, where he founded the Clifton Spoken Word Society. He has authored and performed several one-man stage shows through Amhelo Productions with Karen Logan: Seriously? (2007), YOBO: You’re Only Born Once (2015), I to I (2015) with UK-based artist Kat Francois, and Unentitled (2017), a full frontal excavation of whiteness that premiered at The Quick Center in the USA in Fall 2017. He also has two anthologies of poetry and four albums of recorded music and spoken word to his name.