Megan Lewis

Megan Lewis is a South African-American theatre and performance studies scholar based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is the author of Performing Whitely in the Postcolony: Afrikaners in South African Theatrical and Public Life (University of Iowa Press, 2016) and Magnet Theatre: Three Decades of Making Space (with Dr. Anton Krueger, Intellect Books/Unisa Press, 2016). A Distinguished Teaching Award winner, Dr. Lewis is a multidisciplinary educator with a passion for inspiring intellectual curiosity and advocating for the performing arts as a powerful force for social activation and change. Each summer, Lewis leads students on an intensive study abroad program, called Arts & Culture in South Africa, that uses the performing arts as a lens through which to examine questions of social justice, race, class and gender politics, history, language, memory, and the role of the arts in our global world.