The OTHER Theatre : Gloss

The OTHER Theatre

The stage/performance space is black.

It is black.

And lit with fire, with flames of crimson and ochre, indigo, African violet, bitter lemon and aloe-green.


The stories,

few of whom have been on stage before,


in eleven,

or fifteen,

or twenty,

different languages.

Including Karoo, Modjadji, koringtaal,

and the sound of two

oceans making love.


The stories

stomp,       gesture,       contemplate,       wail,

spit,       cajole,       teach,       interrogate

and laugh their asses off.

As one story finishes, a new generation takes it place.


Everyone listens.


We breathe in.

We exhale.

We do it again.


And again.


And again.


And again …


About the Author

Megan Lewis is a South African-American theatre and performance studies scholar based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is the author of Performing Whitely in the Postcolony: Afrikaners in South African Theatrical and Public Life (University of Iowa Press, 2016) and Magnet Theatre: Three Decades of Making Space (with Dr. Anton Krueger, Intellect Books/Unisa Press, 2016). A Distinguished Teaching Award winner, Dr. Lewis is a multidisciplinary educator with a passion for inspiring intellectual curiosity and advocating for the performing arts as a powerful force for social activation and change. Each summer, Lewis leads students on an intensive study abroad program, called Arts & Culture in South Africa, that uses the performing arts as a lens through which to examine questions of social justice, race, class and gender politics, history, language, memory, and the role of the arts in our global world.